Fast Wheels distributor - March 19, 2014

Auto Laminar is now a distributor of Fast to place an order

Alex K24 - January 18, 2012

Alex just finished installing a custom K24 in his EK civic coupe, details of build and dyno chart very soon.We hope for 290 whp, but 275 will be expected.

UPDATE:dyno results in, 276.7 hp and 213.4 tq to the wheels...really satisfied with the torque, next possible move would be to install a real k24 race header and 3 inch exhaust...we think the 2.5 is maxed out.

Hondata price reduction - March 18, 2010

all reflash are selling for $295.00us, and s-300 has been dropped to $495.00us

Kosta,s turbo charged integra - November 12, 2009

Kosta finally got his car on track this year and his season was really great.The setup put down 462 ph at 18psi on pump gas, and ran almost flawlessly at each event...with a best et of 11.41@123 mph with 23 inch slicks, and also went 12.00@128 with a higher tire.The only issue was numerous snapped axles, so that will be corrected for next season with some aftermarket units.Oh ya, and lots more boost.Good luck Kosta!

Gary all motor record - November 12, 2009

This season was very sucsessfull for Gary, no failures and the car got faster at each event.The car shedded a few pounds and recieved a RBC intake manifold then got retuned to 289 whp.The overall power band showed that the car was going to be faster.By the end of this saeson campared to the end of last season the car was aesily 4 tenth et 11.57@119.6 mph.Great job Gary

new location - January 25, 2009

So its almost been 4 months since the move, and there are still a few things left to do at the shop...the sign is still in LaSalle 1 lift is not functioning and the welder is still down, be it wont be long .

We apriciate all the old customers who still make there way to the new location even though its 40 km away .We hope we have earned the trust of our customers and will always try to do all we can to make the visit pleasant and efficient.

thanks Rob

We are moving! - August 28, 2008

On October 1st, 2008 we will have a new location:  

140 Loyola-Schmidt in Vaudreuil-Dorion. 

Stay tuned for more information!  

Hondata reflash for Acura RDX - October 27, 2007

Yes it's available, the reflash for the Acura RDX with peak gains from 33 foot pounds of torque low down, to 25 horsepower gains at redline, this reflash is a must for all RDX owners....e-mail for more details

Rob's vx civic hatch with K20a2 - August 12, 2007

Its finally done, the car is back on the road, it is just missing the dyno tuning, should be done in 2 weeks, after all the vacation is over.The car pulls had, so i will expect at least mid to low 12 second passes at over 112 mph

Ric's TSX EP3 - August 12, 2007

Can you imagine almost 180 foot pounds of torque.It must feel insane.Ric's 04 Sir has undergone a very powerfull transformation and now has well over 200 whp. This one doesn't even need the vtec to kick ass.Torque out of vtec hovers just over 150 foot pounds.We know Ric will run better than 13.7 with those numbers! Its official, Ric ran a best time of 13.77 at 103 mph, and will now wait for the installation of his lsd differential to even better his times

Gary's 96 civic k24 swap - August 10, 2007

Gary has a new project, its a 96 civic hatch, that will be recieving a k24 motor buildup.Details are not all decided yet, but the goal will be to surpass 260 wheel horse power and stay streetable

- August 09, 2007

Pierre is finally back on the road with his new K24 setup.He put down 238/190, and i'm not sure if Pierre will be looking for quarter mile times.

Nick's turbo civic hatch - February 16, 2007

Nick finally has his civic back with him.Its almost finished , just some refining for its upcoming track appearances.This car will be in serious need of some wheelie bars if we get the power to where we think it can go.Check out the projects secion soon for all the details. Nick's civic got tuned to the tune of 396 hp and 325 qt to the wheels at a modest 14 psi of boost, the goal of 600 whp is very much in our grasp , as the setup should be able to push till 25 psi of boost, soon all the boosted details will be up

Troy hits a milestone - February 16, 2007

Over 250 whp and 171 foot pounds of torque from this all motor K20A motor.A full 3 inch exhaust with rcrew header and RBC intake help the power get there. A 70 mm tobody with port matching runners don't hurt either. Since it's in a 2000 civic hatch we are expecting some mid 12 second passes at the track

projects for the upcoming racing year - February 16, 2007

Sorry for the long delay in between messages, but the shop has been unusually buisey for this time of year.I have been doing swap after swap, while Bryan and Mike take care of the motor jobs.The dyno has also still been in use during the last few months , and plenty more action to come.Just a few of the past jobs:Troy's k series powered 2000 hatch, Ric's tsx ep3 , Mark's updated 90 civic with jdm type R kit , Faycal's 93 civic coupe with K20A , Benoit's B20 integra with over 200 whp and 155 tq to the wheels , Pascal's 05 rsx type S with cold air and Hondata reflash , Nick's turbo civic with 2.0 liter motor(more details coming soon), to date 250 wheel torque at 8 psi of boost, boost spike over 7000 rpm, so hp was around 375 and this is at the wheels, Martin's 04 rsx type S with k-pro and cold air also way over 200 whp.

Some of the upcoming jobs in the works now are :Mathiew's B20 all motor sir , Mat's 2003 all motor type S buildup , Jonathan's H-22 all motor monster motor , Loui's built type R civic , Jean Rene's 93 integra GSR build.The list goes on and the results will always follow.    

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