HONDATA REFLASH 06 CIVIC - August 24, 2006

The Hondata reflash is now available for the 2006 civic with K20Z3 motor.With midrange gains in horse power of close to 30

Raceheads crx hits the 11 seconds - August 22, 2006

Carlo and Gary finally do it. With the new motor dialed in at 251 hp and 178 tq at the wheels,the crx ran 11.87@119 mph.The mph is fantastic,as the car weights in at 2100 lbs with driver.

Frank l/s vtec update - August 22, 2006

Frank keeps on burning up the track.He finally hits an all time best et of 13.347@103.664 mph.This was with slicks of course

Troy's 99 civic hatch K20A swap - August 22, 2006

Troy brought us a 99 civic to install a jap spec type R motor kit, with all the accesories.This car will be stock looking and will be a real threat to all street racers and even turbo charged cars.

All motor race car update - August 22, 2006

The Laminar all motor race car was not as prime as before, so we took it apart and decided to freshen up the head, and install a B18A block with Eagle stroker kit thanx to Frank from SHP.This time the motor will get a racing clutch with lightweight flywheel instead of the stock Honda clutch.

The clutch kit is a stage 4 clutchmaster with springs.The new motor should be running for the september 3rd show at Napierville.Still lots to do , including converting the tuning system from A Hondata stage 2 to Hondata s-300.

hope we will be there

THE K-SERIES 13 SECOND CLUB - June 20, 2006

Dave finally runs in the 13's, with a 13.80 @ 104.5 mph, Carl runs 13.78 @ 104.5 mph, and Pierre runs 13.90 @102 mph

Congratulations, and keep on tracking


Napierville results april 29th - May 03, 2006

The Laminar CRX ran a best et of 12.78@109.5 mph. This was a personal best. Gary drove the Laminar all motor race car to a first place finish in et bracket to pick up the $200.00 purse. Not too many cars, but we all had fun

Racing starts April 29th - April 22, 2006

The Laminar all motor race car will be there!!! 

Auto Laminar/approved by APA - April 21, 2006

Auto Laminar is an approved garage of the Automobile Protection Association

Carl's Sir - April 21, 2006

Carl's Sir with K20A2 motor is on the road and has ended up with some very good dyno numbers. Mike was able to pull 233/158 to the wheels with the help of the K-100. Carl will be trying out his new setup shortly.

Frank's L/S VTEC - April 21, 2006

Frank's l/s vtec gets good results compared to last year - from 170/116 to 188/132 with the addition of type R cams, and some of Frank's in house porting. Frank has also run a best et of 13.9@103 with street tires. He should easily see mid 13's with some good traction

Gary's Sir - K20A2 Swap - April 21, 2006

Gary's Sir finally recieves a K20A2 swap, and the car is really starting to pull. In addition to the new kit, Gary got a K-pro, engine mounts, race header, and custom mid pipe. A cold air and then some drag times!

Free K-pro trial - April 20, 2006

If you would like to have a k-pro installed into your k-series, just let us know, and we will arrange it. We are confident that once you try it, you wont be able to go without it

Steve Lemieux screws Laminar - April 18, 2006

We are presently waiting to here news from the legal system on our battle against Steve Lemieux.He ows the shop over $1000.00 for work done to his civic!

This guy is a mother *uck#r. He has screwed other shops as well!

K-series - March 06, 2006

There is plenty of k-series action brewing in the shop at this time. We are waiting the completion of cars of Carl (02 sir/k20), Gary (04 sir/k20a2), Mike (04sir/k20a2) and a supercharged k24 buildup with a Raceheads stage 3 port and polish.

Results will be up as we get them.

Oh ya, also Georges 02 rsx type s with k-100 and plenty of bolt ons!!!

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