Dyno Day - March 06, 2006

Laminar is organizing a dyno day at Technika that will be held in the month of May. The day has not been chosen yet, but will be soon.

We are looking for 12 participants who would like to dyno their cars stock, then have a few pulls with a Hondata tuned program. This will enable the customer to see first hand what the Hondata tuning system can do for their cars. The cost of this event will be $100.00, and will be held at Auto Laminar.

All interested in participating in this event must e-mail Robert at If interested in the dyno day, you will have to leave a $50.00 deposit to guarantee your spot.

This is to ensure that whoever chooses to participate are very serious and will not take the spot of another customer. Thanx remember-there are only 12 spots, please confirm a.s.a.p.

Dave's K-pro experience - November 11, 2005

Dave's 2004 RSX type S was running constant 14.30's@98 mph.Once the K-pro was installed he ran a best et of 14.07@103, while his worst pass was a 14.20@101. All this was before the tuning. Mike was able to pick up about 8 hp and 6 tq, so we should see some high 13 second passes.

Good luck Dave, and keep up the great service with Pneus Express!!

Doug Mcmillan of Hondata in town - June 29, 2005

Today was the Laminar/Technika dyno day for 5 lucky customers who got their cars tuned by Doug himself.

Pierre T, Pierre P, Tommy, Erol and Paul had a great day, as doug tuned almost without any breaks from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Check out the slide show for more details or visit the K-series section for even more details

Jonathan GSR powered coupe - May 31, 2005

Jonathan built himself a GSR motor and then put it into his Civic coupe. Mike gave the head a full port and polish, and with the help of Hondata, tuned Jonathan's motor to the tune of 182/132.The car has run a best et of 13.75@103.

First Hondata K-100 - March 09, 2005

Pierre Tremblay becomes the first to recieve a Laminar prepared and installed K-100 tuning system.The car in question is a 2002 Honda Civic Sir, with a K20A2 motor kit.Untuned the civic put down 208/149.

UPDATE:As of March 2006 Pierre has increased his output to 223/158 with the addition of a PRC intake manifold, Greddy Evo 2 mid pipe, and some of Mike's tuning skills

Max's H-22 swap - March 09, 2005

Max's 2000 Honda accord gets a H-22 motor swap with LSD.The motor has since got a few goodies, and puts down 190/153.

Some of the other mods include a port and polish, type S air box with oversized throttle body, custom exhaust from Frank of SHP and a Hondata S-200

TOMMY'S MR2 - July 26, 2004

Tommy owns a 1988 supercharged mr2, and got tired of the supercharger. He wanted to turn his car into a turbo charged mr2. He spoke to Mike, and Tommy would bring us some parts, and Mike would start to do the transformation. The job had many snags along the way, and one problem at a time, Mike resolved each and every one of them. Tommy had a flawless year of lapping, with 250 hp to the wheels at 15 psi of boost.As this is Tommy's hobby, he spends long enjoyable weekends at most of the local and not so local race tracks. We wish Tommy all the best in the upcoming 2006 racing season!

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