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James's turbo project
James project Volkswagon
The 10 second project
Laminar's 10 second turbo project Civic
A very fast car
Pat's B16A street slammer
4 into 1 headers on 92 Integra
Mathieu Charland's 92 Acura Integra
189.8 WHP
Laminar's dyno runs
14 second red rocket
Sebastian deChiarra's RED DEMON
Markís all motor Hybrid
Markís H22 Hybrid
Laminarís 98 GSR into 96
98 Civic Hatch
Body restoration & transport
1976 Trans-Am
Laminar's 1976 442 beast
Rob's 76 Cutlass
A very clean 78 Civic
Patrick Provost's 78 Civic
Twin cam V-Tec Del Sol
Fuji Phon's 93 Del Sol Part 2
Laminar's complete in house H22 Turbo project
Fuji Phon's 93 Del Sol part 1
Getting ready to make a pass!!
Laminar's own all motor race car (B series motor)
Laminar's 1990 CRX SI
Laminar's own all motor race car
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