Joe's turbo civic hatch

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When Joe came in to see us his motor was knocking, so we prepared him a list of parts we recomended to build up his motor safety to run about 15 psi of boost.The motor in the car was in really bad shape.The crank was not straight and we would have to search out a new block to make sure the job will be good.Once the block problem was sorted out, a set of eagle rods and CP pistons were chosen to handle the boost on Joe's civic.The head was left stock as we knew the B18B motor with stock cams works great on the street with boost.The final touch was the addition of a s-200 with boost option and a turbo smart boost controller to add to the stock 7 psi of boost that was available with the original internal wastegate.The civic finally got to the dyno and it was very impressive.The torque spiked to 231 and was usually around 210 and the hp went as high as 240.All this with only 10 psi of boost.We were restricted because of a faulty 3 bar map sensor, so you know what Joe will be planing in the near future!